Great Backyard Bird Count

Keep an eye on the sky! This week, from February 16 to 19, is the Great Backyard Bird Count!

The Great Backyard Bird Count is a call to all bird watchers to create a real-time snapshot of bird populations. Participants are asked to go outside for at least 15 minutes at least once over the course of four days, and to count how many birds they see. Whether you are a veteran ornithophile or you’re new to bird watching, you can participate from your own backyard!

You can report your findings on your phone or your computer. The Merlin Bird ID is a great tool for those who are new to bird identification. You can also check out what bird species are in your region on eBird.

By sharing your bird reports, you are helping researchers learn more about how birds are doing, and how to protect them and the environment we share. Researchers can track bird populations, significant species sightings, and migration. You can check out real-time maps to see what other sightings that participants are reporting around the world!

You can check out a Bird Backpack from YPL to get all the birdwatching gear you need for your bird watching this week! You can pick up a bird backpack at all three YPL locations. Learn more by checking out the flier below. 

Check out an Adventure! Bird explorer bags available for check out at every YPL branch.

Alison Robles is a Part-Time Junior Clerk at the Crestwood Library. She is an avid reader with a passion for YA lit, historical fiction and fantasy. A Yonkers native, she graduated from Iona University in 2020 with a dual-degree in Marketing and Public Relations. She is pursuing an MS in Information and Library Science from the University at Buffalo.

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