Policy on Use of Children’s Departments

The Yonkers Public Library welcomes children and their caregivers to all of our facilities and programs.  Please help us make the library a safe and fun place to visit by following these simple rules:

  • Children aged 8 or younger must be supervised by a caregiver who can attend to the child’s safety and good behavior.

  • If an unattended child is found in the library, the staff will attempt to find the child’s parent or guardian. If the staff cannot locate him/her, law enforcement or Child Protective Services officials may be notified.  At closing time, these officials will be notified.

  • When school is in session, school-aged children will only be permitted in the library if they have written permission from their parent/guardian or from their school.

  • The Children’s Room is intended for children and their caregivers only. The library reserves the right to ask adults neither using children’s materials nor assisting children to move to other areas of the building.

  • Please respect the rights of others: keep your voices low, don’t play rough, and leave food and drinks outside. 

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees
December 15, 2016
Section II.A.1. (November 1990)
Section II.A.2. (March 2007)

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