International People With Disabilities Day!

Today is International People with Disabilities Day. People with disabilities are all over the world from all cultures and backgrounds. In America, the CDC estimates that about 1 in 4 Americans report having a disability. There are many types of disabilities (developmental, physical, mental, learning, intellectual, and sensory) and every disability affects each person differently. Having a disability means finding different ways of navigating the world, whether that’s due to physical barriers or differences in processing the world around you.

At Yonkers Public Library we have resources for folks with disabilities such a sensory space at our Riverfront location, a library-by-mail program for those who cannot travel to a library, audio loop induction in some library spaces, and local and state programs that help folks get audio and braille books. We are always happy to help, so please reach out if you have any accessibility questions or concerns.

Happy international people with disabilities day!  For some popular titles that address disabilities, please click here.