Love Your Life: Make Your Money Work For You with VASK Financial Awareness Group


It may be hard to believe that the second month of 2024 is already here.

Most of us can admit that we are easily distracted in the hustle and bustle of daily life. It can be difficult to make sure we remember birthdays, call or visit friends and family, and take care of things day to day.  

It’s important to take time out of your day. Take time out to reflect on 2023, the memories made with family and friends, the laughter, the tears and all in between.  

Take time out to set your goals and dreams for 2024. Visualize your goals and dreams by putting it on paper or your cell phone wallpaper. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Make the concrete goals that are bite-size, manageable and detailed. Believe that you have already accomplished these goals.  

This can look like:

  • I am eating well.  
  • I will replace an unhealthy snack with a piece of fruit. 
  • I am spending more time with family and friends.  
  • Call 5 family/friends you would like to see more and set up a coffee date - any which way - zoom or in person.    
  • I am out of debt.  
  • Gather your bills and call cable, utilities and those you can negotiate to lower your expenses.  
  • Create a budget with your lowered expenses.  Spend less than you earn and pay down the debt.

The above are just some examples of goals you can achieve. 

Be sure to take time out to reflect in the present moment. Go for a walk in nature or around the block. Meditate, paint, draw, be creative - whatever helps you think! Take a break from the electronics and just be.

February is Book Lover’s Month, so in closing, take time out to read!

Here are a few recommended reads:

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