National Write Your Story Day

March 14th is National Write Your Story Day. As a library, Yonkers Public Library is dedicated to ensuring more stories are told -- true stories; fiction; everything in between -- and the stories of our patrons are no exception. It's why we're collecting food memories from Yonkers residents for long-term inclusion in our digital archives -- stories about your gardens, your favorite recipes, your childhood meals -- and it's why we work hard to provide resources for storytellers trying to make their voices heard.

If you'd like to learn some craft, you could pick up How to Tell a Story: the Essential Guide to Memorable Storytelling - from renowned, award-winning storytelling podcast The Moth -- then submit to The Moth itself for a chance of an on-air reading that might reach thousands. Or you could grab The Poets & Writers Complete Guide to Being a Writer to learn how to write, market and publish your own works solo! And if you're looking for something more local, why not try the Westchester Review, publishing right here and right now?

And if you'd just like to make something small and simple -- for the people in your life or strangers on the bus or anyone else -- try out the How to Make a Zine Zine, available online to read, print and enjoy (plus this electric, retro-cool online zine maker, or a printable template if that's more your speed). Because your story matters, and you deserve a chance to make it as fascinating and weird and frustrating as it is in your head.

So enjoy, and we hope to hear your stories soon.