Riverfront Library will close at 5pm on Thursday, April 25th for a special event.


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National Bookmobile Day

April 10th is National Bookmobile Day. Bookmobiles are mobile libraries that transport books and other materials to locations within a community. The Yonkers Public Library used bookmobiles from 1930 to 2009.

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April Reading Challenge

Whether you’re a lover of books, movies, or TV shows, sometimes we need a little challenge to spice up our story life. Check out the challenges below and pick whichever ones spark your interest.

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National Write Your Story Day

March 14th is National Write Your Story Day. As a library, Yonkers Public Library is dedicated to ensuring more stories are told -- true stories; fiction; everything in between -- and the stories of our patrons are no exception.

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Take Your Child to the Library Day

Going to the library is a rite of passage for many young people. Do you remember eagerly receiving your first library card, gripping a pen in hand and signing your name in a squiggly scrawl?

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