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Podcast Review: LISK: Long Island Serial Killer

With the news of the capture of Rex Heuermann, the alleged Long Island Serial Killer, you may be interested in learning more about the Long Island Serial Killer investigation. The LISK: Long Island Serial Killer podcast provides an in-depth look at the history of this case. This podcast is based on the book Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery by Richard Kolker, which was published in 2013. Chris Mass, the host of the podcast, has been investigating the case since 2020. Listeners will be impressed by Mass’ thorough examination of the Long Island Serial Killer case.

The latest episode of this podcast is about the arrest of Rex Heuermann. Christioher Mass and Senior Producer Shannon McGavrvey talk about the evidence that led to his arrest. This includes forensic DNA analysis, phone calls traced to Heuermann, and matching his car from witness testimony. DNA of Heuermann was extracted from duct tape that was found on victims. To be positive of an exact match, forensics matched Heuerman’s DNA from pizza that police saw him throw away to other samples they extracted at crime scenes. Certain leads, such as the description of Heuermann’s car, were followed after years of being ignored. Mass and McGarvrey are understandably frustrated by this.  

Mass and McGarvy discuss strange encounters people had with Heuermann prior to his arrest. Heuermann casually showed a young employee a disturbing video of a broadcaster committing suicide live on TV. He also stole oranges from a fruit vendor though he was a successful architect. Those that interacted with him in Las Vegas described him as ‘creepy.’ It appears that Heuermann simply hid in plain sight.    

Since 2020, there have been two seasons of LISK: Long Island Serial Killer. Episodes are about victims of the serial killer, the Suffolk County Police Department (who initially investigated the murders) author Richard Kolker, and other important aspects of the case . Mass emphasizes the importance of learning about the victims, which sometimes get overlooked in publications about serial killers. This podcast is an expertly researched podcast that I recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about the Long Island Serial Killer investigation.      

Due to descriptions of violence, this podcast is recommended for mature audiences only.

You can listen to LISK: Long Island Serial Killer online or on apps such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify. 

Michael Walsh

Adult Services-Will Branch

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