Library Code of Conduct

The Board of Trustees of the Yonkers Public Library, in order that the library may operate and be administered in the best interests of the community it serves, publish and post these regulations:

  1. No person shall destroy, injure or deface any property and/or materials belonging to the library.
  2. Any person abusing or threatening to abuse other patrons or members of the staff will be expelled from the premises at once.
  3. No person while on the premises of the library shall conduct him/herself in a violent or disorderly manner, use abusive or profane language, engage in lewd conduct, disturb any public meeting or assembly, or be found under the influence of alcohol or drugs in such a condition as to threaten the safety and rights of others.  The library premises include not only the building, but all associated property, such as sidewalks, parking lots, and landscaped areas.
  4. No person may smoke anywhere in the building. No person may consume food or beverages in the public areas of the building except in designated areas.  Sleeping is not permitted.
  5. No person while on the premises of the Library shall engage in disruptive conversation or conduct or unruly behavior which inhibits the use of the library by others.  Personal music devices must be used with earphones that make the sound inaudible to others.  If sound is heard, despite the use of earphones, the patron must turn the device off.
  6. No flyers, leaflets, or other material may be distributed without the express permission of the Branch Administrator.  There is a separate policy that deals specifically with posting material on the bulletin boards. Solicitations for charitable, religious, or other purposes, and the selling of tickets, magazines, or merchandise of any kind are prohibited on library premises.  The only exceptions to this rule are the on-going book sales and other fund-raising events sponsored by the Library or the Library Friends, or by similar groups authorized by the Director.
  7. No person shall bring animals into the building, with the exception of service animals.
  8. No person shall leave young children (ages eight and under) unattended anywhere on library premises.  Parents or guardians are expected to look after their children while visiting the library with them. There is a separate code of conduct that deals specifically with the Children’s Room.
  9. Bicycles must be parked outside the library. Skates and skateboards must be carried. The Library is not responsible for loss or theft of personal property left unattended.
  10. Patrons must wear proper attire while in the Library, which includes a shirt or other covering of their upper bodies. Swim suits are not appropriate attire. Feet are to be properly covered with shoes or sandals.
  11. The parking lot is for the exclusive use of the staff and patrons of the library, and may be used only during the specified hours as posted.
  12. Members of the public who violate these regulations may be expelled from the library premises and/or have library privileges withdrawn for a specific or indefinite period of time.  Persons from whom these privileges have been withdrawn have the right to appeal in writing to the Board of Trustees of the library.


Adopted by the Board of Trustees on June 6, 2012

Revised on January 12, 2015 and Adopted by the Board of Trustees on April 16, 2015.

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