Senior Citizens Day 2023

August 21 is National Senior Citizens Day

Ronald Reagan first established the holiday in 1988 to recognize the contributions of older adults in their families, their communities, and the country as a whole.

The age at which an adult becomes a “senior” varies, but they are typically considered to be adults over the age of 65. Seniors are one of the largest growing populations in the country. The United States Census Bureau projects that there will be more than 94 million adults over the age of 65 by 2060. In 2034, for the first time in US history, older adults will outnumber children.

Aging is a concern for many, and it is especially important as the senior population continues to grow. There are several government organizations such as the Administration on Aging (AOA) that provide services and programs to support older Americans to live independently in their homes and communities.

The City of Yonkers provides support and services to seniors through the Office of Aging including transportation services, recreational events through the Parks Department, as well as seniors centers and senior housing

At the Yonkers Public Library, we offer unique services for older patrons, including our Library-by-Mail service and Medicare counseling at the Will branch. We host several programs both virtually and in-person for older adults, such as consultations with the Yonkers NNORC at the Will and Crestwood branches. You can check out the full calendar of events for adults 55 and older here.

One of the best ways to celebrate National Senior Citizens Day is to spend time with seniors. Spend time with older friends and family members, or consider volunteering at a retirement home or a senior center. Many older adults face an increase in loneliness and isolation, which poses major risks for both their physical and mental health. Taking the time to be with seniors and have a conversation is not only beneficial for them, but their life and experiences can be insightful for younger generations. 

You can check out some recommended reads from YPL for older adults here, or ask a librarian for more specific recommendations.  

Alison Robles is a part-time page at the Crestwood Library. She is an avid reader with a passion for YA lit, historical fiction and fantasy. A Yonkers native, she graduated from Iona University in 2020 with a dual-degree in Marketing and Public Relations. She is pursuing a Masters in Information and Library Science from the University at Buffalo.

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